A strong heritage of fashion

The tradition of elegance since 1911</p

A classy choice

Born with style

For over a century, in the heart of Rome, a few steps away from Piazza di Montecitorio, a small shop expresses the excellence of Italian sartorial tradition, delighting its clientele with its custom-made shirts. The shop is the summit of historical prestige and artisanal quality, providing a prestigious catalogue that makes it easy to find the style fit to satisfy every taste and occasion.

A hand made heritage

Timeless elegance

Politicians, diplomats, intellectuals, artists, international celebrities: throughout the years, numerous prominent figures have turned to Caleffi 1911 for the care of their attire. Ray Stevenson; the Italian singer and song-writer Francesco De Gregori; Ettore Petrolini, one of the most important figures of the Italian vaudeville, as well as former president of the Italian republic Carlo Azelio Ciampi. These are just a few examples of the countless signs of the appreciation towards the Caleffi family’s activity, characterized by a research in style dating back to the end of the Nineteenth century and that has always stood out for its successful combination of classic and modern taste.

The details of perfection

Your fashion, our way

A stop at Caleffi 1911 is a must if you are looking for a tailored suit. We provide excellent customer-care, guiding our clients through hundreds of refined fabrics that can be blended to meet every need with an impeccable design and attention to detail. From the shirt to the tie, from the trousers to the shoes, Caleffi 1911 offers unique solutions of unrivalled quality as well as the guarantee of a quick delivery.

Your requests, our mission

Come for a try!

With or without an appointment, Caleffi Roma 1911 will always welcome you into an intimate and refined environment where, within refined fabrics and top-quality accessories, you will be immediately and literally embraced by a wide catalogue of sartorial products with certified origin and always dedicated to the respect and defense if the highest Italian Tradition.