Perfection is not a detail


Not the usual products

An embracing touch of pleasure

Your beard requires special care. That is why at Caleffi 1911 you will find the finest and most prestigious oils and balms made by Antica Barberia Colla, one of the most famous barber shops in Milan. Through the mix of non-conventional fragrances – such as egg & rum shampoo, apricot hull, capsicum & menthol lotion – with regenerating mixtures of herbs and salts. Colla oils are ideal to protect your facial hair, restructuring and giving volume to your beard while leaving a unique fragrance.

Looking forward to the bad weather

Rain is not an hurdle but an occasion for style

For a gentleman, rain is not a good reason to give up on elegance and comfort. Caleffi 1911 offers a wide range of single shaft umbrellas with colors and patterns from the best Italian craftsmen. They represent the best solution for those who want to be practical without giving up on style. Umbrellas become, thus, a unique fashion item to overcome even the most adverse weather conditions.

Hand-cut, finished with passion

Class and elegance fastened to your wrists

Caleffi 1911 cufflink Collection is a small display of manufacturing ability and style. Mounted exclusively on stainless steel, they feature a range of precious stones with certified origin: mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, onyx, carnelian, and many more; such that Caleffi 1911 will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

The red thread of excellence starts far away

A journey of excellence that began a long time ago

There is a precise reason why Caleffi 1911 takes pride in its worldwide appreciation and loyal clients. Its extraordinary range of finest quality garments is accompanied by a century-old research and study in the field of haute couture – a journey in the world of luxury and elegance, nowadays involving at least three generations of Roman citizens