Better leather than never


Leather goods made with love and class

Like a second skin

All Caleffi 1911 leather goods are the result of Italian artisans’ dedication and knowledge, representing the continuation of one of the worldwide finest and best-know arts. Every handbag, belt and pair of gloves are rigorously hand-stitched taking care of every detail, for durable and stylistically impeccable items.

These boots are made for leaving you speechless

A good shoe walks everywhere with you

Few items of clothing have to undergo tests as hard as those shoes are subjected to. This is why Caleffi 1911 relies on the Loacke collection: a name representing one of the most famous English artisan factories. Its wide selection of leather shoes is ideal for formal and informal occasions, which stand out for their maximum comfort and unique style.

Comfortable, unique and for every-day use

Leather goods of prime quality

Belts and bags are indispensable accessories for those professionals who give special attention to elegance and comfort. Caleffi 1991 offers its customers products made only with the highest quality raw materials, worked and finished to give that characteristic high quality leather soft feel and to perfectly complement a sharp tailored style.

To collect, to wear

A detail can make the difference

Very often, it is the small details that make a painting a masterpiece. This is why Caleffi 1911 can not refrain from tempting its clientele with a surprising collection of accessories to enrich their wardrobe and give a final touch of quality to their style — with special attention for those clients who like to take special care of their beard.