We specialize in men’s shirts


One tradition, different styles

We have never lost the thread

There is specific reason why, for over a century, for citizens of Rome (and not only), Caleffi 1911 is synonym of elegance and quality: a reputation built year after year thanks to a refined catalogue of shirts produced exclusively in our workshops using only the best fabrics. In this prestigious collection, every garment can be customized ensuring perfection to detail and maximum comfort.

A shirt that will last a lifetime requires patience and care

Our secret is in the thread

Oxford, Popeline, Twill, Sea Island: every shirt is produced with prime quality Egyptian cotton which gives that priceless feeling of comfort and freshness on your skin and whose length ensures a minimum twisting of the fabric. For over 50 years the thread has been meticulously cut and sewn in an Italian tailoring workroom, where it is hand-finished with collar, cuff and Mother of Pearl buttons. A meticulous, complex but necessary process which provides each and every Caleffi 1911 shirt with a unique identity no one can imitate.

Elegance, comfort and durability

Art translated into elegance

Caleffi 1911 shirts are little pieces of art capable of dictating fashion and defy the passing of time. Thanks to the variety of colors and patterns available, they are ideal for special occasions as well as everyday life. The collar stays or stiffeners together with the semi-rigid composition of the collar, exponentially raise its durability while keeping the fabric smooth. Collars and cuffs are hand-stitched and can be customized and replaced following the customer’s choice obtaining unique, but always impeccable, combinations.

Quality and refinement that follow you everywhere

Sooner or later every shirt meets the right tie

No occasion is too extraordinary or too informal to show off a new tie. The Caleffi 1911 shirt-catalogue is accompanied by an impeccable selection of ties that is equally remarkable, rigorously hand-made and available in dozens of different colors, nuances and patterns, to easily find the perfect combination for every occasion.