An important heritage for a prestigious present


Some feelings never get old

Three generations, the same passion

Claeffi 1911’s adventure starts at the end of 1800, in D’Annunzio and Giolitti’s Rome, with Enrico Caleffi who had a small, but very popular, business. Very soon, thanks to its success, the shop moves near Piazza Colonna, with its windows facing the Parliament building and marking the beginning of a strong heritage of tradition and passion that can still be seen and touched today.

When fashion becomes art and vice versa

The most famous shirts after Garibaldi’s

After WWI, Caleffi 1911 starts establishing itself in Rome mostly thanks to its fine shirts. A significant contribution to its success is given by the eldest son Enrico who designs and creates a new type of collar, which is particularly high and decorated with two buttons. The collar will soon become famous under the name of “Gastone collar” and become one of the distinguishing features of the main character in Ettore Petrolini’s comedy production.

The compliments of a client, the homage of a friend

An essay on fashion

Giuseppe Di Giacomo has been a friend and a Caleffi 1911 client for many years. He is a well-known philosopher and essayist with hundreds of publications, as well as a professor of Aesthetics at Sapienza University of Rome. Professor Di Giacomo has always had an interest in fashion. With this short essay, Prof. Di Giacomo, forever a great lover of fashion, not only recounts the historical evolution but restores intact the passion and creative aspiration of those who have been dedicated to fashion for over a hundred years.

It is always a good day to sew

The suit of the union

Since the aftermath of the Second World War, Caleffi 1911’s clientele counts numerous figures coming from the world of politics, culture and diplomacy. Many loyal customers still come back to visit the third generation of a historical family who has been giving prestige to the Italian tailoring tradition for over a hundred years. Caleffi 1911 is not just a store of haute couture, but a little temple dedicated to those who cherish elegance.