Our strength is our softness


Only the finest fabrics, natural and hand-stitched

We put our art around your shoulders

Italian knitwear tradition is well-known and celebrated worldwide. Caleffi 1911 offers its customers a range of knitwear and garments, carefully selected from the Fioroni collection. Fioroni is a company located in the region of Umbria, famous for supplying Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel’s costumes in the movie “Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino.

Carefully sewn style

Carefully sewn style

Monochrome or patterned knitwear with more innovative urban colors and mélanges: this is the summit of the Caleffi 1911 knitwear collection. The garments are hand-stitched using only the finest fabrics — such as cashmere and silk — and enriched with leather inserts on the collar and on the inside of the reversible cuffs: the ideal choice if you are looking for a refined yet informal style with maximum comfort.

Authentic tradition and care of the environment

Thousands of colors but all “green”

Caleffi 1991 knitwear comes from the finest Mongolian textiles, which are traditionally spun in Italian factories. The production process is ecologically sustainable and traceable: origin and authenticity of the raw materials used for the knitwear are certified and guaranteed.

Don't stop at the surface of elegance

A soft touch on the skin

Every high couture collection needs a wide range of leather goods chosen with the greatest care among the best Italian and international names: shoes, handbags and belts – all handmade using traditional techniques.