Let yourself be seduced by our quality and refinement


A small piece of fabric can make a big difference

Style is not an accessory

Tailored exclusively with selected cuts of silk twill, Caleffi 1911 ties represent the state of art in the field of style research and artisanal excellence. They are available in dozens of different varieties bringing out (and even making revolutionary) the beauty of a garment through patterns and colors always guaranteeing  original and surprising effects.

A good reason to walk with your head up

5 folds of comfort

The so-called “5-fold tie” is without a doubt one of the most prestigious and appreciated models in Italian tailoring. Hand-made with fabrics of certified quality, it stands out for its interlining, sewn using the same fabric of the blade and of the tail. This detail ensures a better hold the tie’s shape and knot, at the same time assuring the finest long-lasting elegance and comfort.

Love at first tie

Ready or knot

Caleffi 1911 ties are not just accessories, but small tailoring jewels sewn with devotion revealing the love and attention to detail typical of proper hand-made garments. The ties can be customized to every size, keeping the harmonious equilibrium between the blade and the neck. The tail can be further customized with the client’s initials, or with those of the lucky recipient of such an unforgettable present.

Up to our necks in fashion

Its important to cut a good whole figure

The attire of a true gentleman would be incomplete without the appropriate jacket and trousers. For this reason, Caleffi 1911 relies on a collection of the best products from Italian and foreign textiles. Customers will be able to choose from an elaborate range of models, which are perfect for any occasion — from an anniversary celebration to a crazy day at work — thanks to their elegance and comfort.