All you need to feel complete


A size is not enough to be refined

The measurement of perfection

Excellence, comfort and class: these are the essential qualities that Caleffi 1911 requires in every jacket and pair of trousers. For this reason Caleffi 1911 relies on a wide selection of models sewn with the greatest care by the best Italian and English companies using only the finest textiles: 100% cashmere, alpaca and merinos wool. Furthermore, customers will be able to completely adapt the suit to their personal taste starting from color and fabric choice.

Turn your back to feeling uncomfortable

A success explained stitch by stitch

Either sophisticated or carefree, for business or social meetings, the jacket is the most used garment in Italy and worldwide. Besides an incredible variety of models (including the double breasted jacket featuring two or three buttons), the Caleffi 1911 catalogue can be adapted and customized to suit any occasion, always in line with the high standards of appearance, harmony and comfort that represent the summit of artisanal tailoring.

Never too much

Between fashion and comfort

A well-cut pair of pants will improve your look like nothing else. The pants should, therefore, have been made specifically for your measurements in order to best meet the needs of the body’s natural line. This is why all our models can be tailored and customized to the individual, outlining the figure without penalizing comfort and elegance.

Artisans never loose the thread of the discourse

Sometimes difference is hand-made

Caleffi 1911 gives wide display of the famous Italian knitwear tradition through a wide selection available in more than 120 different colors, capturing the costumer’s attention at a glance. The high quality of its artisanal texture is the result of using only the finest textiles. The result is a precious collection that has seduced even the Italian film producer Paolo Sorrentino.